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"El Rinconcito" (1962)

Eumenio Izquierdo and Bernardina Gutiérrez inaugurate, after many efforts, "El Rinconcito" (which literally translates to The Little Corner). These were hard times (wines were sold for just one cent), but thanks to them working long hours and making great sacrifices, they get their little corner of Santo Tomé Street off the ground. Back then, the trendy foods at the bar were calamari and deep-fried fish.


Eumenio Izquierdo - "El Rinconcito" (1970)

As the years go by, Eumenio Izquierdo, through his good deeds and a lot of hard work, consolidates “El Rinconcito” as Santo Tomé Street’s wine and beer bar. Brochettes and shrimps were the most demanded tapas at the time.


Los hermanos "New Rincón (1982)

The "Edificio de Marañón" (Marañón Building) is completely built, and with that, “El Rinconcito” goes over to a new generation. Renamed “New Rincón”, and with Eumenio and Bernardina’s two sons in charge, the property goes through a radical change and good music is constantly heard among the young customers, who ask for hamburgers and “Ajitos”, the star dishes.


Antiguo "Rincón Bar" (2010)

The place is remodeled again, renamed to “El Rincón”, and the bar is filled with tap beers of every kind: lager, bitter, stout, wheat… They are all tasted paired with parties that bring joy to the lives of customers and friends. Drinks turn into dinners with hamburgers and platters of French fries (with the traditional seven sauces). “Pulguitas” (small sandwiches) are in high demand these days.


Rinconcito Tap Station (2019)

We inaugurate the new "Rinconcito Tap Station" in record time. We recover the traditional name, adding "Tap Station" to it. It’s the only Tap Station in Toledo, with seven taps of different flavors, alcohol content and textures. We surround ourselves with an excellent kitchen staff in order to put together a brand-new menu with a select, elaborated, and highly crafted cuisine. For this, we bet on completely innovative dishes to compete with the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.


Rinconcito Tap Station (2020)

After the COVID-19 lockdown, we are back, more eager than ever, to carry on with this beautiful project that we had barely reembarked in, and we are ecstatic to be able to go back to our roots with "El Rinconcito" and to count on our faithful customers and friends, who are a big part of our lives.

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